Bespoke Clinical Skills Training



TrainWithCare will deliver the initial theoretical and practical skills training, ongoing supervision and assessment of competence to personal assistants (PA's) & nurses as agreed in the Personal (Health) Budget care support plan.

TrainWithCare will train PA's to deliver complex and routine care (as detailed in the individual care support plan) tailored to the specific needs and outcomes of the people, children and young people with complex needs in his/her living accommodation, school or alternative agreed facility; it will deliver competently signed off staff.

Clinical skills training offered (and can be extended)

  • Care Certificate (Skills for Care)
  • Ventilation, BIPAP, CPAP
  • Tracheostomy care including emergency or planned change of tracheostomy tube and suction with a suction catheter
  • Administration of medication basic and specific in accordance with prescription via internal tubes/ nasogastric tubes, orally bolus or continuous feeds via nasogastric, gastrostomy or jejunostomy device.
  • Enteral feeding (gastrostomy, jejunostomy) and understanding of ketotonic diet specific to individual
  • Oral suction with yankauer or suction catheter
  • Injections with preassembled device.
  • (Intermittent)) catheterisation and catheter care
  • Stoma care and maintenance
  • Autonomic Dysreflexia
  • Bowel management
  • Skin care, pressure ulcer prevention
  • Rectal medication with pre-packaged dose-rectal diazepam
  • Buccal or intranasal midazolam
  • Nebuliser care
  • Oxygen administration
  • Saturation monitoring
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Seizure management and observations
  • Clinical Observations
  • Record keeping and documentation
  • First aid including airway maintenance and basic life support
  • End of life care and bereavement support
  • Moving and Handling
  • Fire and Safety
  • Diabetes Care with recognition of Hypoglycaemia & Hyperglycaemia
  • Administration of rectal Paraldehyde
  • National Early Warning Score (NEWS)
  • Recognition of Sepsis


Consultancy Support and Independent CHC Assessment

Competency Assessment and Supervision

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