What can TrainWithCare do for you?

TrainWithCare is an Award Winning Service that provides highly specialist, bespoke clinical training for non-clinical care staff or personal assistants (PA's) supporting people, children and young people with complex health needs who have a personal (health) budget at home, who work in residential (nursing) care or for a care agency..

TrainWithCare will ensure that PA's have the competencies required to carry out all delegated tasks required or alternatively provide training to this end. The training offers class room training near the individual’s location, supervised hands on training on site and skill lab training.

This training services complies with the recommendations of NHS England.

We are passionate qualified nursing professionals highly experienced and trained to look after people and children with complex needs.
We will provide clinical and/or non-clinical training delivered by:

  • Staff who are covered by the relevant Professional Indemnity Liability Insurance
  • Registered staff with appropriate current (paediatric) professional qualifications and the necessary skills and experience
  • Staff who have an up to date enhanced DBS check and active pin
  • Staff who are appropriately qualified to deliver training required

The overall outcome of TrainWithCare will be that PA's will be trained to a level of competence that enables them to safely care for people, children and young people with complex health needs who are cared for in the community.


What TrainWithCare specialises in:


Bespoke Clinical Skills

TrainWithCare provides bespoke clinical training for non-clinical care staff or personal assistants (PA’s) supporting people, children and young people with complex health needs who have a personal (health) budget at home, who work in residential (nursing) care or for a care agency. This training is tailored to the health needs and outcomes of the person in his/her living residence, school or alternative agreed facility.


Competency Assessment and Supervision

TrainWithCare will ensure that non-clinical care staff or personal assistants (PA’s) are trained up to a high level of competence with supervised practice with the person, child and their family until competency level is achieved for sign off. Clinical Supervision for the care staff (individual/group/telephone) is provided regularly allowing the PA’s to reflect on their clinical practice.


Independent CHC Assessment & Consultancy Support

This is an additional flexible service (not under the ltd) which can deliver Independent Continuing Health Care (CHC) (re-) assessments of children and adults with complex needs by experienced professionals for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) in the South West. The service also provides Consultancy Support to organisations and individuals on a variety of subjects



What areas does TrainWithCare cover?

TrainWithCare will cover all areas in South West England with a base in South Devon.

Any training and consultancy requests outside this area will be considered on an individual basis.



What does TrainWithCare cost?

A request for training received by TrainWithCare will need to have details of the care and support plan and the care experience of the PA's to be trained. From this request a personalised Training Plan including costs can be issued within 5 working days.

This Training Plan will include (as a minimum) details of classroom-based training with skills lab, 1:1 training with the PA(s) and client and the assessment of the competency of the PA’s. The competency documents will be signed by the Nurse Trainer with her/his NMC pin.

From the initial training annual refresher training is offered with case scenarios, multiple choice questions and skills assessments to re-confirm the competency
Regular Clinical Supervision (if required) can be included in the Training Plan.

Requests for an Independent CHC assessment will be responded to in 7 working days. A full assessment and report will be delivered within 4 weeks.

Cost of all services are based on an hourly rate of £45 (travel time will be included due to the geographical coverage) for weekdays. If training is required at weekend days or evenings (after 6pm) an enhanced hourly rate will be charged of £65.
Mileage is rated at 0,45p/mile. For some training there will be a charge for the hire of manikins and venues if the training cannot be delivered at the home.

Training and/or Clinical Supervision packages are tailored to the individual case and specific requirements.


What do our clients say about us?

  • Anna E. | Chailey Heritage Foundation, East Sussex, October 2018

    Perfectly paced training. Very easy to understand and very good resources. We were able to try practical skills with dummies. Everything taught was explained clearly and I was not felt that I could not ask questions. I feel so much more confident now that I could manage and assist with equipment and emergency situations. What a lovely, calm approachable lady Corine is. Thank you so much. (Chailey Heritage Foundation, East Sussex, October 2018)

  • Sophie | Carer of a PHB holder in Coventry June 2019

    Great trainer and lots of information given. I enjoyed it a lot better than E-learning. Thank you taking your time out to come to us.

  • Carer of a PHB | Coventry, June 2019

    Corine delivered training to a group of 6 of us and the training was of a very high standard. Corine ‘s knowledge is very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt comfortable throughout the session and I feel I learnt a lot from her today.

  • Debra | Lead Carer PHB holder, Coventry June 2019

    Today we met Corine to deliver my bowel care and competency training. I found this lady very professional and methods were outstanding. Corine explained all training very well. Would like to do more training with her in the future. 5 STARS!!!

  • Carer of a PHB holder | Torbay area, May 2019

    Your training was brilliant, and I felt comfortable to ask questions and to try the equipment to build my confidence. I would recommend your training to my colleagues.

  • Jane T | Maidscare, Torquay, 29 March 2019)

    It was a pleasure to meet with you too. The training was superb & so lovely to have it taylor made. 

  • Maggie M | carer at a PHB package, Somerset, September 2018

    I feel the training I received has been thorough and enhanced. I have gained a lot of confidence through the training and would highly recommend this training to other carers when they need it. If I was offered E-learning or classroom training I would certainly use classroom because it is face to face and I learn much better that way. I will be looking forward to the refresher training in a years’ time. Many thanks Corine!

  • Charlie T. | Chailey Heritage Foundation, East Sussex, March 2018

     After being on this training course I now feel a lot more confident with what I am doing as it was explained very well. Using a variety of teaching methods which suited everyone in the training. I had also never seen a single trainer provider using so much of their own equipment to enable practicals and using the actual equipment so that the training was a realistic as possible. That helped with the confidence as well. The trainer was also very approachable and made sure that you understood everything and really made the 3 training days enjoyable and engaging which I’ve not had with training in the past. I am looking forward to any future training days that you hold. Thank you Corine!!! 

  • David. A | Premier Care, Specialist PHB Insurance, August 2018

    Just wanted to let you know just completed my first 4 nights. Wanted to say training you delivered was so good it made the shifts so manageable and I feel confident in my ability to care for L. Thanks again Corine

  • Tony L. | July 2018, Wales

    We are so pleased that we found your Training Service; we nearly had to decline a client using our residential facilities as could not find anyone to help us with the training. Thank you so much for your rapid response to our training needs and it was so very much appreciated. 

  • Ree W.| Chailey Heritage Foundation, East Sussex, May 2018

    Thank you!! Your style of teaching is just brilliant.

  • Darren M |Personal Assistant to L. April 2018

    Just wanted to let you know just completed 4 nights (did 1st shift on my own as the nurse called sick 2 hrs before shift). Wanted to say training you delivered was so good it made the shifts so manageable and I feel confident in my ability L. had 2 full on seizures on shift 2 so I had to suction and give Midazolam so I’ve seen and done most of it now. Thanks again Corine 


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